DisneyLand Paris

DisneyLand Paris

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Disneyland París

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Disneyland Paris is a recreational and tourist resort vacation located approximately 23 km to the east of France, specifically in Marne la Vallee. It is about 30 km from central Paris. Disneyland Paris is a magical destination for both younger and older guests. In it you will find two parks, Disneyland Park, a theme park that is spread over 5 lands and has 48 attractions for all ages and the Walt Disney Studio Park whose theme confronts visitors feel as real actors, bit players going through each area of the park where a film will occur. In addition, there you will find plenty of shops and restaurants of all kinds, this area is called Disney Village shopping area. Finally there are many hotels within the theme park where they can stay while enjoying their stay. To traverse the entire establishment, one day, it will not be enough. There is also a golf course, the Golf Disneyland popular especially among adults, but also has a children's area. In total it has 18 holes. Some of the attractions recommended to visit are: Space Mountain: Mission 2, Rock and Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith and Big Thunder Mountain. All of them are impressive and you will experience an unforgettable time. For children, some of the most desirable attractions are: "Le Carousel Lancelot", which is a merry with up to 86 horses, "Orbiton", which can blow up spaceships mounted or retro style "Pirrate's Beach", where children can embark on an adventure. Undoubtedly it is a journey to be done at least once in a life time and is an unforgettable experience to live with family or friends.

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DisneyLand Paris
 DisneyLand Paris